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Built for teams that need to keep track of their hours for clients or projects, but don’t want that to feel like a full-time job.

MissionLog Dashboard Screenshot
MissionLog Dashboard Screenshot

You and your team will actually use it.

Most time-tracking solutions try to incorporate things like accounting and project management, requiring endless input to get them to work right, or are loaded with gimmicky features you’ll end up not using, like timers. There's plenty of great software out there dedicated to these areas, and it takes away from the goal: getting everyone to log their time.

That’s what MissionLog fully focuses on  - with features targeted to make it intuitive and friendly, so you and your team use it fully and stay on your mission.

For Daily Use.

Some of us are built to be able to pause between switching tasks and projects throughout the day and use a timer or log our time. Some would wait weeks until we’re are asked where our time entries are.

MissionLog is designed to bridge the gap between unrealistic and unacceptable by encouraging team members to take as little as 5 seconds before ending work for the day to maximize accuracy while information is fresh their minds.

Add time page on smartphone

All about making time-tracking easy

Chrome and Slack Plugins

Enter directly onto MissionLog, or from Slack or our Google Chrome plugin.


Since not every client or project is billed or budgeted the same way, custom alerts provide the notifications you need.

Time Alerts

Since not every client or project is billed or budgeted the same way, custom alerts provide the notifications you need.

Save Favorites

Instant time entry for your frequently accessed clients, projects and activities

Calendar View

Instant visibility to time with quick controls to easily identify and correct missing time.

Nimble Reporting

Fast, accurate, detailed reports making sure you have the data and insights you need right at your fingertips.

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"Our creative team works on a bunch of partnerships at the same time and uses freelancers. The other apps were a challenge to teach and get everyone using regularly. I now can see everyone is logging their time, which lets me see which projects are moving fast, and which are taking up too much time"

Rob Colon

CEO of Craftesio

"I could never keep up with our previous timesheets because we don't always bill projects the same way, and I realized I never wanted to handle billing that way in the first place. I got MissionLog because it gave me what I needed while saving money."

Julien Diaz

Merge Studios

"I once tried to get my team tracking their hours using a timer throughout the day, and it was a disaster. MissionLog just works and is realistic. Simplicity is key."

Jenny Bove

Eikon Digital

Fast and easy time-tracking. That’s it.

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